Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week 2020

Grain Bin Entry

Free Webinar: Marked Safe for Bin Entry – How far do you have to go?

Presented By: Jeff Decker, President, Decker Consulting and Investigations, Inc.

Wednesday’s topic may have been full of woe, but Thursday’s topic has far to go! So much to learn/relearn about how to enter bins safely, break up clumps and prevent entrapments. We are barely 4 months into the year and deaths are climbing. Let’s work together to practice safe grain handling.

Jeff Decker offers some practical advice on how to assess potential hazards, alternative grain bin unloading methods for out of condition grain, and how to enter a bin safely as a last resort.

Bin Entry Resources

Resource Key


Fact Sheet

Use for discussion, handouts, or develop tool box talks or other training.


Infographics, artwork, pictures etc. for promotional materials & events.



Take home document, rack card, brochure, etc. with extra information.



Guidance documents, background information, etc.

Toolbox Talks

Ready to use toolbox talks for a Stand Up training event.

Training (PowerPoint)

Ready to use PowerPoint® with instructor notes or other curriculum.


Accompany with a tool box talk, discussion, or hazard identification activity.