Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week 2020

Machine / Conveyor Guarding

Free Webinar: Machine Guard Makeover!

Presented By: Aaron Yoder, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Nebraska Medical Center Department of Environmental, Agricultural and Environmental Health, College of Public Health

It’s never too late to put your guard on! What type of guard do you need for that machine or conveyor? How do you know if it’s guarded properly? Why do guards fail? You’ll be inspired to do your own machine/conveyor guard makeover after listening to Dr. Aaron Yoder’s machine guarding tips.

Machine / Conveyor Guarding Resources

Resource Key


Fact Sheet

Use for discussion, handouts, or develop tool box talks or other training.



Take home document, rack card, brochure, etc. with extra information.



Guidance documents, background information, etc.

Toolbox Talks

Ready to use toolbox talks for a Stand Up training event.


Accompany with a tool box talk, discussion, or hazard identification activity.