Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week 2020

Slips, Trips & Falls

Free Webinar: Falling For Fridays

Presented By: Jeff Decker, President, Decker Consulting and Investigations, Inc.

Where are hidden slip, trip and fall (STF’s) hazards lurking in the workplace? STF’s are the leading cause of workplace injuries and time off work. End the week with “heightened” awareness about the “small changes” you can make in your work environment that have a “big impact” on preventing STF’s.

Slips, Trips & Fall Resources

Resource Key


Fact Sheet

Use for discussion, handouts, or develop tool box talks or other training.



Take home document, rack card, brochure, etc. with extra information.

How-To Tool

Checklists, templates, and other ready to use tools.



Guidance documents, background information, etc.

Toolbox Talks

Ready to use toolbox talks for a Stand Up training event.

Training (Online)

Instructor or self-led course or webinar. Individual or group use.


Accompany with a tool box talk, discussion, or hazard identification activity.