Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week


Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week is a dedicated focus on safety and the hazards our employees, contractors, and customers face every day.


How do I participate?

During the week, plan an event(s) that focuses on a suggested topic area or other topic to find small changes at your workplace that can make big impacts in reducing hazards and improving safety.

List your local event on the Stand Up 4 Grain Safety website. An interactive map allows others (and local media) to see what’s happening near them.

Visit the Resources page for event planning and promotion resources.

View the video below to learn more.


Do I have to hold an event to participate?

No! We make it easy to participate in Stand Up Week. If you don’t have the resources to hold your own event, no problem! Join us for FREE daily virtual learning sessions focused on the suggested topics. Click on the “REGISTER”  button to the right to select the sessions you want to attend.


Who participates?

Large companies, small facilities, feedlots, producers, breweries, mills, educators, and more. Any business and/or individual that uses, stores,  handles or works around grain is encouraged to participate.

2023 Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week:

March 27-31, 2023

Kick-Off Location:

WCFRA Regional Training Facility
2725 Millborne Road
Apple Creek, OH 44606

NEW! Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Posters

Posters available in English & Spanish; 2023 date or undated; 2 colors.

Small Changes. Big Impact.

Every year hundreds of employees are injured or die from preventable hazards while working in grain storage and handling. Safety doesn’t need to be big to be effective.

This year commit to safety by making small changes in the workplace or how tasks are performed to make a positive safety impact.

Click the day to see the activities and resources available.

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