Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week 2022

Stand Up Week Kick-Off

Join Us for the 2022 Virtual Kick-Off Event!

Join Us for the 2nd virtual annual Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week Kick Off event  Monday April 4, 2022.  The Kick Off Event will focus on safety around grain structures and equipment.  Features include:

  • Live, on-site safety demonstrations at the Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center (ENREC)
  • Success Stories
  • And more….

Participating in the Kickoff is a great way to learn about the significance of the week-long focus on safety with messages from the Alliance partners, signing of Nebraska proclamation of Stand Up Week and experiencing how organizations and individuals benefit from this national, industry wide focus on safety. The Central States Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (CS-CASH) at the University of Nebraska Medical Center will present live safety demonstrations and lead Q & A. Information on the Kick Off event and schedule will be continuously updated

Watch the Kick-Off!

Watch the 2021 Stand Up for Grain Safety Week Kick Off event. This recording has been slightly edited to improve viewing quality.  Check out the resources page for additional information.

Resources for Stand Up Week Event Planning

Resource Key



Guidance documents, background information, etc.


Accompany with a tool box talk, discussion, or hazard identification activity.

What is a Safety Stand Up?

Be sure to adjust any Stand Up to accommodate the current social distancing guidelines as set forth by the federal government and the state in which you reside.

Resources for Kick Off Demonstrations COMING SOON!