Increase in grain entrapments in 2022. Highest number of entrapments in a decade.

Entanglements were fatal in 2020

Workplace injuries yearly from failure to Lock Out/Tag Out

The majority of grain entrapments involve out of condition grain.

Join Us for the 2024 Kick-Off Event!

MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2024

The In-person event in Mitchell, South Dakota has been cancelled due to weather and will now be virtual.

Livestreamed this year from Mitchell, South Dakota, the Kick Off is a hybrid (in-person & virtual) event to highlight the importance of participating in Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week and the benefits received from this national, industry wide focus on safety. We ALL have a piece in ensuring our workers go home safely at the end of every work day!

The 2024 Kickoff is hosted by the South Dakota Grain Bin Engulfment Prevention Summit and moderated by Terry Lively, Employer Services Safety & Compliance Manager of Marsh McLennan Agency, LLC. The event features safety demonstrations presented by industry leaders from Agtegra Cooperative, Oklahoma State University, OSHA Region 8, Prairie Ag Partners, and South Dakota University Extension OSHA Consultation that showcase key aspects of grain bin safety. (learn more about our presenters below).

  • Out of Condition Grain and Recognizing Hazards

Dr. Carol Jones explains how grain quality affects safe bin entry. She shows how to recognize out of condition grain, the different hazards it poses, how to assess the hazards before entry, and safe ways to mitigate the hazards to allow for safe bin entry. 

  • The Control of Hazardous Energy, Lock it Out!

Lock out/Tagout is one of the leading factors affecting the safety of bin entry. Eric Wollan and Greg Derynck will show proper methods to control hazardous energy through demonstration of proper energy isolation and control to allow for safe entry into a bin structure or any work on energized equipment in the agricultural industry and explore considerations for performing lockout.

  • Proper Grain Bin Entry Procedures

Bin entry should always be a last resort, but when needed understanding proper bin entry principles prevents grain entrapments and engulfments. Join Beth Locken and Trevor Keating in a  hands-on demonstration of the proper equipment and procedures for safe grain bin entry such including air monitors, harness fit, and taglines.

Don’t forget to check out the FREE educational and promotional resources below and on the resource page to make the most of your Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week.

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    Meet the 2024 Kick Off Moderator & Presenters!

    Moderator - Michael Bertrand, PhD, MD


    Presenter - Dr. Carol Jones

    Michael Bertrand is a Compliance Safety Health Officer for OSHA – Sioux Falls Area Office. His primary job is to conduct inspections within the state of South Dakota in support of OSHA’s current Operating Plan to secure safe and healthful working conditions for America’s workers. His area of expertise is Machine Guarding in General Industry, Construction Related Activities, Grain Handling Facilities. Michael was raised on a livestock & grain farm near Wilmont, Minnesota. He enjoys fishing, hunting, water and snow skiing, doing home improvement projects and travelling the world.


    Dr. Carol Jones is the owner/engineer at CL Jones Consulting LLC which provides grain handling and storage engineering, training and forensic services.   She is also a professor emeritus from Oklahoma State University in Biosystems and Ag Engineering, joining OSU in 2002 after a career in production ag and materials handling design.  Dr. Jones provides training and engineering information in grain handling, quality preservation and safety.  She resides in Stillwater, OK.

    Presenter - Eric Wollan

    Presenter - Greg Derynck

    Eric Wollan started his career with OSHA at the Sioux Falls Area Office in 2017. Since the summer of 2022, Eric has been a Compliance Assistance Specialist working collaboratively with stakeholders such as employers and organizations to develop partnerships, alliances, and provide a variety of technical resources.  Prior to that he was a Compliance Officer where he conducted many workplace inspections throughout South Dakota investigating fatalities, accidents, complaints, and referrals. Eric has previous experience as a custom home builder and an environmental compliance manager for large-scale animal feeding operations in the Midwest. Also, Eric spent 11 years as a F-16 engine mechanic and 20 years as NCOIC of Occupational Safety for the South Dakota Air National Guard. He has a degree in environmental biology from South Dakota State University, loves everything outdoors, and most importantly, finds his joy and purpose is helping others.


    Greg is the program director of the SDSU Engineering Extension/OSHA Consultation program.  This program has a staff of five safety and health consultants ready to provide free and confidential on-site services to employers throughout South Dakota.  In his twelve years with the program, Greg served as a safety and health consultant for six years and has been the director for six years.  With a degree in dairy manufacturing from SDSU, Greg worked in the dairy and food manufacturing industries.  This evolved into spending many years in ag processing industries involving both soybeans and corn.  Workplace safety was always a part of his responsibilities in industry, and this facilitated the transition to full time dedication to workplace safety in his current position. 


    Presenter - Beth Locken

    Presenter - Trevor Keating

    Beth grew up on a dairy farm in a rural community, starting her career in agriculture as a ‘built in’ farmhand. Beth has over 17 years in the Safety and Environmental field with 13 of those years in the Grain and Agronomy Industry. With a specialized focus in safe confined space entry, she has also served on Agtegra Cooperative’s High Angle Rope Rescue Team to be able to assist local entities with Grain Bin Entrapments. With employees and customers being the core of our business, Beth and her team have spent the past several years educating farmers and member-owners about safe work practices, the ‘why’s’ of safety awareness, and how to make safety personal. Beth has participated in three successful grain entrapment rescues!

    Trevor Keating grew up on a farm in South Dakota. He is a 16-year employee with Prairie Ag Partners and for the past 9 years has been their Safety Director. Following a tragic grain engulfment fatality at Prairie Ag Partners 10 years ago, Trevor has helped Prairie Ag Partners advance in safety by creating new safety and training programs. He also oversees company compliance with DOT and EPA. 

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