Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week 2023

Stand Up Week Kick-Off

Entanglements were fatal in 2020

Join Us for the 2022 Virtual Kick-Off Event!

MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2023

10 AM – 12 PM (Noon) CST

Join Us for the annual Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week Kick Off event!  The Kick Off Event is a hybrid (virtual) event focusing on safety around grain structures and equipment.  Features include:

  • Live, on-site safety demonstrations
  • Stand Up resources
  • “Superhero” Stories
  • And more….

The Kickoff highlights the importance of participating in Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week and the benefits received from this national, industry wide focus on safety.

Safety demonstrations on bin safety will be presented by industry leaders from Custom Agri Systems, 3M. SATRA, and Ohio State University,

Stick around for a post event “Ask the Expert” live discussion session with the presenters and on-line experts.

“Kickoff” your renewed committment to safety and help ensure the superheros of this essential industry go home safely at the end of their work shift every day!

COMING SOON – 2023 Stand Up Week Event Planning Resources


2023 Kickoff Resources