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Preventative Maintenance


of workplace incidents are related to failures of the equipment

Preventative Maintenance

A lack of knowledge on how the equipment operates and how to conduct the appropriate maintenance can lead to near misses and injuries. Lack of preventative maintenance can also have a direct effect on bin entry.  Job hazard analysis,  regular maintenance, equipment inspections and training on proper equipment operation can help workers recognize and avoid hazards.

A wide range of activities and training on this topic can be done such as:

  • Inspect and test safety equipment and critical safety devices – Does everyone know how to properly clean, store, and inspect their safety equipment such as harnesses, lifelines, carabiners, hard hats, etc.?
  • Conduct thorough inspections on portable and fixed ladders, stairs, and railings and set a repair schedule.
  • Gather your employees and conduct job hazard analysis in those areas where you are seeing near misses and minor injuries to prevent a serious injury.
  • Conduct equipment inspections. Educate employees on what to look for in addition to equipment specific inspections. Do visual inspections of motors, torque arms, motor mounts, gearbox, guarding, conduits, flex conduits/fittings, hazmon cabling, etc. Take note of missing or broken guards and take the equipment out of service until the guards are properly fixed.
  • Inspect conveyors. Inspect belts for wear, proper tension and alignment, drums, bearings, shafts, etc. Check the drag conveyors for chain damage, proper tension and broken/damaged paddles, etc. Talk about speed monitors, safety swtiches, and reducing build-up/clogs.
  • Inspect elevator legs. Educate employees about the importance of proper belt alignment, the types of splices, the different types of heat and rub sensors and their placement, etc. Demonstrate how to properly use a grease gun, change oil, lubricate bearings, check the tension on a v-belt and/or replace a v-belt.
  • Discuss how to properly clean, inspect, and make repairs on a bin once it is empty to prepare it for the the next load.

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