Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week 2022

STFs, Crush, Struck-By Hazards

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STFs, Crush, Struck-By Hazards

Working in and around grain structures poses numerous hazards for slip/trip/fall injuries, crush injuries, or struck-by injuries. These are especially prevalent during loading and unloading tasks whether on the farm, at the commercial elevator dump pit or when working around railcars. Work with employees to recognize the hazards, prevent them, and take appropriate personal actions when these hazards are encountered.

Featured Training

Daily Learning Session – April 8 

10 AM – 11 AM CST

STF, Crush, Struck-By Hazards During Loading/Unloading

FREE, live virtual training provided by the Grain Handling Safety Council.

Loading and unloading grain is a major task of grain handling presenting a myriad of hazards and injury opportunities for workers, especially during during peak seasons, inclement weather, and tight time schedules. Join industry favoriteJohn Lee, SHES Director, Grain and Feed Association of Illinois and Erika Bruhnke, Vice President, Training Services at RailPros as they share tips and stories to help you recognize and prevent hazards at the farm,  dump pit, or railcar. Don’t forget to stick around after for ASK THE EXPERT open discussion with presenters and industry experts.

On-line experts during the session include Brian Grimm, GHSC Board of Directors and Jim Seibert, NGFA Director of Safety, Education & Training.

Articulate 360 Training Module


Slip, Trips, Falls


Self-guided, on-line tutorial.

The NGFA-produced “Training Modules” through Articulate 360 are published periodically as part of the Association’s continued commitment to safety in the workplace. These modules are funded by the National Grain and Feed Foundation and are designed to provide information on certain types of hazards and best safety practices within the grain handling and feed industry.

The purpose of this presentation is to provides its users, including front-line workers, supervisors, and managers, an increased knowledge of hazards frequently associated with slips, trips, and falls, and to further the discussion around hazard identification and mitigation.


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