Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week 2021

Near Miss Reporting

Free Webinar: Near Misses

Presented By:

  • Dennis Jarrett, Vice President of Continuous Improvement, Teasdale Latin Foods
  • Daniel Gaither, Director of Safety, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, Office of Research, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
  • Brian Grimm, GHSC Board of Directors 

Near Miss Reporting is a powerful tool to help us develop a PROACTIVE, approach to safety – recognizing and fixing hazards before harm is caused. Dennis Jarrett, Vice President of Continuous Improvement at Teasdale Latin Foods, brings 30+ years of experience to explain near misses, reporting, and tips to engage our employees and management teams to build a stronger safety culture. Presenters will explore common questions surrounding employee engagement/participation and management concerns of how to implement and effectively use near miss reporting.

Near Misses – Watch the recorded presentation!

Watch Tuesday’s daily learning session on Near Miss Reporting. This recording has been slightly edited to improve viewing quality.  Check out the resources below  to accompany the video demonstrations.

Near Miss Reporting Resources

Resource Key


Fact Sheet

Use for discussion, handouts, or develop tool box talks or other training.

How-To Tool

Checklists, templates, and other ready to use tools.



Guidance documents, background information, etc.